Industry: Road and Rail
Product: AssetWise ALIM, ProjectWise
User: Main Roads Western Australia
Country: Australia

October 21, 2019

Main Roads Western Australia Creates Digital Twin to Improve Planning and Decision Making for Australian Road Network

Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA) is responsible for managing one of the world’s most expansive state road networks, comprising more than 18,500 kilometers and representing the arterial road network in Western Australia. Committed to improving data collection and information sharing for road network management, MRWA needed to display and present accurate traffic data to stakeholders and the public.

To accomplish this goal, MRWA required a modern mapping interface to display and present traffic data collected in Western Australia to assist in road operations and used to ensure an efficient and safe road network. The traffic data also includes information that MRWA collects about vehicles traveling on Western Australian roads, including the number and type of vehicles, speed of travel, and, at some locations, the size of the vehicle. 

Trafficmap was, therefore, developed to allow the general public open access to traffic data and to provide MRWA employees with the data that they needed to make informed asset management decisions. MRWA used Bentley’s AssetWise ALIM to provide an integrated road information system (IRIS), which is the foundation for Trafficmap. IRIS manages and stores MRWA’s road asset management information within a linear reference and spatially enabled asset information system that supports MRWA’s business processes. MRWA also uses this system to manage and disseminate traffic information. 

AssetWise ALIM manages the transportation network infrastructure and all associated information, including assets, asset condition, and road attribute information, which gives MRWA a rich set of data to report road asset information. AssetWise ALIM enables MRWA to efficiently manage traffic information on Western Australian roads with data collected at traffic counting sites located at designated locations on the linear referenced network. The system allows road environment data to be related to the traffic count information to build a digital twin of traffic flow data. AssetWise ALIM saves MRWA significant time collecting, analyzing, and using the data for its mapping and information dissemination efforts, while optimizing decision-making regarding roadway infrastructure. Publishing this data through a web-based interface provides clarity and transparency in road asset management decisions and allows stakeholders to make better investments. 

MRWA is now able to use this data for improved planning and decision-making for activities on the road network. Making the data available to the public allows MRWA to provide clarity and transparency on why road asset management decisions are made. Moreover, the interface allows public access to traffic data when they require it and has reduced the demand on internal resources tasked with routine inquiries. MRWA uses existing traffic information to determine the impact of private developments that will either create more traffic or have an impact on existing traffic flows. Private investors will want to place businesses in high traffic areas to attract attention, or in low traffic areas to provide ease of access. Robust traffic flow information is essential to making decisions that affect the economic, social, and environmental well-being of Western Australia.

Since the release of MRWA’s Trafficmap in December 2018, an approximate return on investment of AUD 150,000 per year has been realized. Users who can now access and find the relevant traffic flow data have saved 25% to 30% on the time to access the appropriate information. Across 100 users, this percentage savings would represent approximately AUD 250,000 per year based on saving AUD 50 per user per week.

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