May 01, 2019

Bentley Introduces ProjectWise Web View

Secure, read-only, data-source access to ProjectWise

Purpose of the Release

Bentley is pleased to announce the general availability of ProjectWise Web View, a new browser-based client for secure, read-only access to documents, designs, and data stored in ProjectWise Design Integration. ProjectWise Web View enables your organization to share information with internal and external stakeholders, as well as your supply chain, for better communication and collaboration.

ProjectWise Web View is for users who do not create, edit, or review drawings or documents but need to view them for informational purposes. Examples include project owners and stakeholders wishing to view designs, maintenance engineers that need to reference engineering documents, inspectors referencing design drawings, and supply-chain partners accessing bid information.

Key Capabilities

  • Data-source-level read-only access
  • Navigate entire data source
  • View or download files
  • View document properties and attributes
  • View document audit trail
  • Basic search
  • Copy links to direct others to content

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