May 01, 2019

Bentley Offers Comprehensive Multi-Discipline Application for Designing Rail and Metro Stations

OpenBuildings Station Designer CONNECT Edition (v10.05.00.19) Now Available

Purpose of the Release

Bentley is proud to announce the general availability of OpenBuildings Station Designer, a new multidisciplinary application for the design, analysis, visualization, and simulation of rail and metro stations and platforms of any size, form, and complexity. OpenBuildings Station Designer streamlines multidisciplinary design between architects and mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers with a shared set of modeling capabilities and workflows.

OpenBuildings Station Designer also incorporates LEGION Model Builder, Bentley’s leading application for fully modeling pedestrian traffic to optimize footfall, wayfinding, crowd management, safety and security. With the integrated capability to model and simulate pedestrian scenarios, OpenBuildings Station Designer helps designers improve the quality of station and facility design and optimize the functional use of space and the pedestrian experience.

Key Capabilities

OpenBuildings Station Designer breaks down barriers between building disciplines allowing them to produce information-rich deliverables through the following capabilities:

  • Multi-discipline support
  • Ready-to-use functional space and equipment catalogs
  • LEGION pedestrian simulation
  • Integration to OpenRail for rail design
  • Integration to OpenRoads for roads design
  • Clash detection and mark-up
  • Enlivened visualization

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