May 01, 2019

Bentley Offers New Design and Construction Application for Site Design and Modeling

OpenSite Designer CONNECT Edition (v10.07.00.56) Now Available.

Purpose of the Release

Bentley is pleased to announce the availability of OpenSite Designer CONNECT Edition, a new comprehensive, multi-discipline 3D modeling application advancing the delivery of site design projects from concept to completion. OpenSite Designer blends traditional engineering workflows for plan, profile, and earthworks with integrated reality modeling, 3D parametric modeling and earthwork optimization to enable the production of automated design deliverables.

OpenSite Designer is the successor to Bentley’s industry leading site design applications including PowerCivil, GEOPAK Site, InRoads Site, MXSite, and topoGraph. OpenSite Designer handles a wide variety of complex tasks such as parking configurations, analysis earthwork financial risk, residential layout, handicap parking and accessibility, site development, sanitary and stormwater network design, parcel creation (upcoming release), and production of construction deliverables.

OpenSite Designer allows engineers to analyze and model anything that impacts the site, including hydraulics, utilities, geotechnical stability, pads, and ponds. OpenSite Designer also directly interfaces with Bentley’s OpenBuildings and other multidiscipline solutions, ensuring the site is holistically designed in the context of overall project requirements.

Key Capabilities

OpenSite Designer provides an open multi-discipline modeling environment for all phases of site delivery, supporting:

  • Reality context
  • Geotechnical analysis and management
  • Grading and stormwater drainage
  • Subsurface utilities
  • Live plan generation
  • Enlivened visualization

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