Industry: Road and Rail
Products: OpenRail
User: CSX Corporation
Country: United States of America

October 15, 2018

OpenRail’s Operational Analytics Improves Decision Making on CSX Corporation’s Annual Patch Rail Program

CSX Corporation, together with its subsidiaries based in Jacksonville, Fla., is one of North America’s leading transportation suppliers. With a transportation network that encompasses 21,000 route miles of track in 23 states, the District of Columbia, and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, it operates an average of 1,300 trains per day, and transports more than 6.5 million carloads of products and raw materials a year.

Each year, its capital planning team receives more than 5,000 requests to replace worn rail in curves from its track supervisors. Prior to its utilization of OpenRail’s Operational Analytics, the team utilized data from multiple sources, including Rail Wear Measures, Sperry Car Defects, Rail History, and Tonnage to research and validate existing conditions before performing a manual review of each request to identify those that show evidence of poor condition. This onerous process was time consuming, tedious, and had the potential for human error.

In response to this challenge, CSX deployed OpenRail’s Operational Analytics to integrate data that previously existed across multiple silos into one interactive and graphical view. The simplification of this important first step, enabling timely access to trusted information wherever and whenever it is needed, provides CSX with the platform to deliver improved accuracy and efficiency from the word go.

The systems’ ability to link data visualization in OpenRail’s Operational Analytics with CSX’s legacy Patch Rail Request system allows team members to drill down into all data relating to a selected asset or work request, plus the ability to review embedded information including supporting photos and documentation. This seamless user experience provides the ability to approve of Patch Rail requests in real-time, has allowed CSX to reduce its annual patch rail planning program by more than a month, and is enabling more informed decisions at every step of the process. Building on the success of this digital advancement project, CSX is already looking at ways to replicate it for other work types, such as gauging and concrete pad repair.

CSX’s Jennifer Hollar, manager of engineering systems, explained, “OpenRail’s Operational Analytics has significantly reduced the time and effort involved in performing hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of annual capital planning reviews for the CSX Patch Rail Program.”

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