Brand: ProStructures
Product Line: Structural Detailing
Product: ProStructures, ProConcrete, ProSteel
Availability: General Access, December 2017
October 09, 2017

ProStructures CONNECT Edition Delivers Parametric Structural Components to Drive Greater Productivity

Bentley Systems announces the general access of the ProStructures CONNECT Edition structural detailing application, which now incorporates the capabilities of the ProSteel and ProConcrete applications. The release also features interoperability with Bentley’s reality modeling capabilities, which will allow users to incorporate real-world conditions in their modeling throughout the design and construction lifecycle.

ProStructures CONNECT Edition includes a streamlined user interface and includes these new capabilities:

  • Functional Components – Easily create libraries of parametric structural shapes for both reinforced concrete and structural steel by applying user-defined variables and equations. Drag and drop existing components from a library that allows editing to specification to reduce time and eliminate errors associated with manual input.
  • ComponentCenter – Easily access structural components for use in design. Integrate with the ComponentCenter as a source of content for rebar couplers, terminators, and form savers.
  • Documentation Center – Automated production of high-quality drawings, including multi-discipline documentation sets, which are consistent across the entire project. Get a live view of the project in sheet orientation. As the design changes, so will the sheets. Create, publish, and share project deliverables across multiple disciplines. Quickly identify structural steel or reinforced concrete in the model by using any attribute such as member length or rebar size.
  • User Interface – New and improved user interface allows for ease of use, access to learning content, and project sharing. Ribbons help users to easily find commands with a minimum number of clicks.
  • Increased Performance – Access more addressable memory with 64-bit computing. Increase efficiencies in editing larger design models, and processing more complex Adobe PDF documents and iModels.
  • CONNECT Advisor – Receive personalized support and learning without leaving the product experience. Interact with various Bentley content in one location, eliminating the need to browse to various sources individually in a unified interface.

Commenting on ProStructures, Shixiao Zhao, chief engineer for China Construction First Building (Group) Co., Ltd., said, “After using ProStructures, the design time was reduced to one-and-a-half months, and the design error rate was reduced by 70 percent.”

James Barr, director of business execution, Bentley Systems, said, “ProStructures CONNECT Edition will radically change the way engineers create steel and reinforced concrete structural details and fabrication drawings. Something that was so manual such as drawing a beam and then reinforcing it, will now be as easy as dragging and dropping existing components that are already reinforced and then editing them to specification. This and other great features included in ProStructures CONNECT Edition, including a new user interface, access to personalized learning, and the ability to share data across multiple disciplines, greatly improves productivity and reduces time.”

About ProStructures
ProStructures steel and concrete design applications efficiently create accurate 3D models for structural steel, metal work, and reinforced concrete structures. ProStructures lets users create design drawings, fabrication details, and schedules that automatically update whenever the 3D model changes. ProStructures is built by experienced design engineers and includes ProSteel and ProConcrete.

About the CONNECT Edition
With the SELECT CONNECT Edition, Bentley is introducing SELECTCONNECTservices, new Azure-based services that provide comprehensive learning, mobility, and collaboration benefits to every Bentley application subscriber. Adaptive Learning Services help users master use of Bentley applications through CONNECT Advisor, a new in-application service that provides contextual and personalized learning. Personal Mobility Services provide unlimited access to Bentley apps, ensuring users have access to the right project information when and where they need it. ProjectWise Connection Services allow users to securely share application and project information, to manage and resolve issues, and to create, send, and receive transmittals, submittals, and RFIs. 

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