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LEGION Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer Subscription Fees Waived Through November 30, 2020*

Model and Simulate Your Facilities to Implement Social Distancing Plans

We recognize that the ongoing social distancing requirements present challenges for your planning, design, and operations teams. To support infrastructure, architecture, and engineering firms who are adapting existing projects or planning new safety and security strategies for public spaces, such as shopping malls, schools and campuses, hospitals, train and metro stations, airports, and stadiums, we are making OpenBuildings Station Designer and LEGION Simulator available and waiving new subscription fees through November 30, 2020*.

OpenBuildings Station Designer is a multidiscipline BIM application for building design and people movement simulation modeling. The application includes digital components catalogues and GenerativeComponents design automation templates and allows you to create simulation scenarios by defining spaces, activities, and operational information to be used as input to LEGION Simulator, Bentley’s software for simulating and analyzing foot traffic.

Any organization new to LEGION—including owner-operators, small and mid-sized planning and design firms, and facilities operators—can leverage OpenBuildings Station Designer and LEGION Simulator to develop models and crowd simulations of affected infrastructure. With this technology, you can improve safety, efficiency, and security.

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Learn more about OpenBuildings Station Designer and LEGION Simulator capabilities.

How can LEGION Simulator help with new social distancing challenges?

Test Proposed Distancing Measures

Convert existing CAD or BIM files into models to help define entrances, intermediary activity points, exits, queuing zones, stairs, escalators and lifts, operations, as well as to help position communication signage. Project teams can more efficiently plan the design process.

Maximize Space Utilization

Avoid wasting valuable space, define efficient space utilization, and test various layouts and activity distribution while guaranteeing easy access, distancing measures, and pleasant user experiences.

Bring Social Distancing Plans to Life

Bring plans to life with simulation and analysis capabilities. Avoid delays and enhance communication of the new rules and requirements, ensuring the safety and enjoyable experience for all customers.

"Atkins has collaborated successfully with LEGION for over 20 years, and we look forward to building upon our own thought leadership on Covid-19 and for the Transport Sector by applying LEGION’s simulations for social distancing in response to requests by our metro clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia."

Cameron MacDonald, Technical Director, Operations Advisory, Atkins, a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group.


The LEGION Advantage

  • Purpose-built for infrastructure design and operationLEGION Simulator was expressly developed to simulate all aspects of people's movement, including personal preferences, surrounding awareness, spatial restrictions, and behavioral perception. These capabilities help guarantee a scientifically validated analysis of the operation of facilities for multiple scenarios.

  • Analyze and record simulations – Set up and run user-defined analysis and generate outputs based on a variety of metrics. Record and playback parts of a simulation or run new scenarios and design alternatives.

  • Supports multi-vendor designs LEGION Simulator works with Bentley and other third-party design applications to provide a single simulation platform for all projects.

  • Industry-leading BIM collaboration LEGION leverages years of industry experience with hundreds of global users designing new and retrofit public spaces for safe and secure operations.

LEGION Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer New Subscription Fees Waived Through November 30, 2020*

Bentley has your back. Contact us to help your project teams meet the challenges of social distance planning requirements.

* November 30, 2020 date valid for new contracts signed after September 1, 2020