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OpenFlows CulvertMaster

Culvert Hydraulic Analysis and Design Software

Stress-free culvert analysis and design

Analyze existing culverts and design new ones, from simple barrel crossings to complex embankment cross-drain systems, with different shapes and sizes, special tail water considerations, and roadway overtopping that considering watershed data, culvert characteristics, and even weir geometry.

What is OpenFlows CulvertMaster?

The FEMA-approved OpenFlows CulvertMaster is hands down the best tool available for solving culvert hydraulics problems. Incredibly flexible, fast, report-ready, and stress-free, OpenFlows CulvertMaster builds on the input you have on hand while providing what you are missing. OpenFlows CulvertMaster will pay for itself on your first project as it streamlines complicated culvert hydraulics and delivers the results you need. 


Quickly deliver robust, report-ready culvert designs. OpenFlows CulvertMaster builds on the input you have on hand, providing you with any unknown design variable such as headwater depth, discharge, or culvert size.


From simple, single culvert sections to complex, multi-barrel culverts with roadway overtopping, OpenFlows CulvertMaster helps you evaluate existing culverts and compare numerous design options with ease.


Use the built-in FHWA HDS-5 methodology, SCS and rational hydrology, and robust gradually varied flow hydraulics to deliver culvert designs that will stand the test of time.

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OpenFlows CulvertMaster

  • Calculate, design, and analyze culvert hydraulics
  • Compare culvert options
  • Analyze single-barrel crossings to complex embankment cross-drain systems

*Prices vary per region. For more options, see licensing and subscriptions section.

User Quote

"Bentley CulvertMaster was instrumental at the design development phase in aiding with the multiple design challenges facing the project."

— Adolf Montana, P.E.Project EngineerPaulus, Sokolowski & Sartor


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Design new culverts and analyze existing culvert hydraulics