• Project Collaboration

    Collaborate with your teams globally across the project lifecycle

Project Collaboration Solution

Project Collaboration is at the center of your execution and contracting strategy, bringing together fundamental activities aimed at protecting project schedule and budget without compromising data quality and integrity. Your projects will benefit from an environment which integrates multi-discipline design and contractual deliverables with modeling information and document management supporting the exchange and interoperability of all content during the project lifecycle.
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    • Project Collaboration
  • Create and manage project, CAD, and industry standards

    • ​Enforce adherence to workflows, CAD and standards, including BS 1192. Use configurable rules engine creating dynamic, closed-loop reviews to manage progress against milestones, alert reviewers and deliver actionable data in context.
  • Create, track, and manage transmittals

    • ​Automate your transmittal process for secure and accurate project execution. Create transmittals directly from engineering data to ensure you are working from current information. Alert appropriate individuals when transmittals are issued and track accountability as items are progressed.
  • Create, track, and manage submittals

    • ​Create and deliver your submittal packages in minutes instead of days. Draw attention to actionable items by issuing automated alerts to project recipients. Track the status of your submittals with color-coded indicators that help you identify workflow progress and expedite delays.
  • Gain project and contractor performance insights

    • ​See exactly how individuals and contractors are contributing on a project. Key performance indicators show the state of your deliverables and reveal bottlenecks. You will see exactly what action is required, and by whom. Then, measure project completion based on current progress and trends.
  • Manage and control documents

    • Go beyond simple document management to full document control. Accurately manage, distribute, and archive data and information in context across multiple data repositories. Connect all relevant content required to ensure delivery of reliable asset information throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Manage contracts and mitigate project risks

    • You can proactively identify and track risk items to help minimize potential delays and plan for contingency. Create risk items instantly, link them to documents and communications, and view them on your risk register.
  • Manage engineering content

    • ​Integrate and manage engineering content in a multi-user, collaborative design environment. Enable effective control and change management for designs, documents, project deliverables, and other related information types. Increase productivity and team efficiency by managing all engineering content in a single, unified environment.
  • Manage engineering records and compliance

    • ​Comply with your organization's corporate records policy. With advanced file plan and disposition control, all records and associated information are integrated in a comprehensive information model making manual declaration unnecessary. This approach gives visibility to all records throughout the lifecycle for assurance and compliance.
  • Manage project information and deliverables

    • ​Increase team productivity and effectiveness by accurately managing, controlling, distributing, tracking, and archiving all types of project documents and related deliverables for your engineering designs. Utilize transmittal and submittal tools and related workflows. Ensure delivery of accurate information during handover to operations.
  • Resolve issues

    • ​Speed the reliable resolution of issues discovered by project team members by using forms, cloud services, and automated workflows.
  • Track change orders and other requests

    • ​Track your contractors' and consultants' schedule of values, pay estimates, and change-order proposals electronically. Simply review and approve these documents and your financial reports are automatically updated.
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