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    Bentley Geo Web Publisher

    Web GIS for everyone

GIS Web Software - Made Easy

Publish a project website or public information portal. Create a custom information system, image or drawing archive, or map-based navigational site.  
  • Integrate a variety of data
  • Author and administer websites
  • Share your geospatial information
  • Incorporate drawings, maps, models, aerial photography, and images within custom browser presentations 
  • Publish hybrid vector/raster datasets and a wide range of formats 
  • Let your audience choose how the information is presented based on their needs
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  • Conduct spatial analysis and generate reports

    • Generate reports from a variety of ways including queries, spatial analysis, multiple feature selection and thematic mapping. Minimize the amount of time necessary to find information from your geospatial data and georeferenced information using open-ended and streamlined queries.

  • Integrate engineering, geospatial, and operational data

    • Integrate graphical and non–graphical data sources into one interface. Leverage data sources ranging from DGN, SHP, TAB, DWG, raster images, and information from Bentley products to information in relational databases, including Esri File Geodatabase, Oracle Spatial, and Microsoft SQL Server Spatial.

  • Publish maps

    • Take advantage of high-performance publishing of geospatial data to integrate a variety of data sources, author and administer websites, and maximize the value of your geospatial information within custom browser presentations.

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