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    Power Rail Overhead Line

    Electrify your rail design

Rail Overhead Line Design Software

Conform to industry workflows and introduce automation to your 3D design and maintenance overhead line projects. Use the best of both design software and built-in GIS for the layout, preliminary and detailed design, and detailing of overhead traction power supply systems. 

You can save time on the design and maintenance of overhead line electrification (OLE) on global rail infrastructure and significantly increase productivity.   

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  • Design rail overhead line systems

    • ​Combine survey, design rules, and operational requirements to generate outline overhead line designs. You can use engineering workflows to produce height and stagger values for your wire runs that take into account spatial constraints on equipment and the geometry of the underlying track.
  • Generate rail engineering deliverables

    • ​Create engineering deliverables for your rail projects, directly from design models. Contractual deliverables for rail schemes include geographic plans, sections, bills of quantities, stage works plans, and images  These are delivered with controlled approval and distribution.
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