Now a Bentley product​

Why write reports when you can speak them?
​Create daily reports effortlessly using the power of your voice.​

Solve Your Daily Reporting Frustrations​

Capture Rich Project Data in Seconds​

All you need is a mobile phone to record audio notes, take pictures and videos, or type notes. Teams can access all recorded project information whenever and wherever.

Drive Transparency and Teamwork

Benefit from increased collaboration and transparency on your projects. Share site progress and flag issues as they happen in full security.

Cover Your Assets​

Document verbal agreements, change orders, and potential disruptions. NoteVault keeps an independent record of events – including hosting and time stamping – making the data irrefutable. ​


Document All Project Progress

​People speak faster than they type. With NoteVault’s ease of use, your team will leave notes more often and in greater detail.​


Track Your Hours and Production Rates ​

Track your bottom line - easily access timecards, daily reports, and view production rates.​

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