Experience the power of ACCELERATE and jumpstart your project delivery with this live webinar series focusing on practical solutions and workflows to help you get the most out of Bentley’s bridge solutions.

Through this virtual series:

  • We will take you from planning to final deliverables for key bridge types and showcase the value of BrIM to the entire bridge lifecycle.
  • Provide content tailored to your learning needs with modules focused on concrete, steel and segmental bridges.
  • Continue to develop the project with each session, focusing on major stages of the design process and ultimately ending with the production of detailed reports, iModels and typical construction drawings.

The subject matter experts will use the OpenBridge Designer application which utilizes the modeling capabilities of OpenBridge Modeler and the analysis and design features of LEAP Bridge Concrete, LEAP Bridge Steel and RM Bridge to meet the design and construction needs of all bridge types.


If you have questions, please contact us.