SUPERLOAD - Oversize/Overweight Wide Load Permit & Routing Software

Automated Oversize-Overweight Vehicle Permit Software for Transportation Agencies

Bentley SUPERLOAD is a comprehensive solution for intelligent permitting and routing of oversize/overweight (OS/OW) vehicles. It automates the permitting process, giving transportation agencies a management system for permit issuance and OS/OW carriers an easy means of acquiring oversize/overweight permits online. The system taps into current restrictions and live bridge rating to optimize routing.

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Streamlines Permit System Management
SUPERLOAD offers a best-practices approach to permit processing that delivers substantial cost savings to the permitting agency. The result is that the majority of permits can be issued online without agency intervention. The software streamlines permit application in conformance with agency rules and regulations, performing intelligent routing, real-time live-load bridge analysis, secure payment processing, and permit issuance. Powerful administration capabilities support the back-office requirements of the permit administration team.

Fast Permitting
With the ability to directly apply for a permit and request a route from virtually any location, carriers can save hours, even days, in the permitting process. SUPERLOAD automates the full workflow, from requesting a route and payment by credit card to permit issuance. A dynamic map and other features speed the routing process. Users can quickly analyze their trip as they work interactively through the route selection.

Determines Routing Feasibility
SUPERLOAD performs real-time route validation based on the size/weight of the permit vehicle and the constraints and conditions of specified routes. Bridge clearances, bridge live-load analyses, and temporary restrictions help determine routing feasibility. SUPERLOAD automatically generates a route to the destination for the particular permit vehicle. Users can also select a specific route via an interactive map or textual input. SUPERLOAD will analyze the route and display results.

Automates Processing and Payment
SUPERLOAD makes online permitting safe and secure. When processing applications, it automatically checks applicant information: account balances, insurance coverage, permitting violations, registration, and other background information. A built-in accounting system works independently or along with other accounting and finance systems to handle electronic payment transactions, billing, and account management. The permitting agency can custom tailor the system to handle unique permit operations. A complete audit trail of all financial transactions is maintained automatically.

Protection for Infrastructure and the Traveling Public
With its built-in knowledge of the roadway network, SUPERLOAD provides the tools to maintain a digital model of the highway system. This includes the location of all structures, detailed interchange configurations, bidirectional clearances, and all temporary restrictions. SUPERLOAD processes all structures and other appurtenances involved in the route and delivers a split-second analysis of vertical and horizontal clearances. All bridge analysis is performed for the specific permit vehicle configuration over each specific structure. An integrated live-load bridge analysis of each structure on the route determines safe passage feasibility and any speed or lane restrictions. Bridge analysis utilizes bridge data from multiple sources, including Bentley’s LARS Bridge software as well as AASHTOWare Virtis and BARS.

Manages Restriction Events
Restriction Manager is a SUPERLOAD module that enables organizations to apply restriction information to the roadway network as a factor in individual permit trip analysis. For most regulating agencies, Restriction Manager is a vital piece of the overall OS/OW routing solution that helps them manage restriction events, from full route closure to limited access and route advisories. This augments infrastructure project planning, notification, and construction management. Restriction Manager can share data with other agency systems. If changing conditions affect an issued permit, SUPERLOAD automatically notifies the permit requestor and the agency.

Maximizes the Value of Data Integration
SUPERLOAD provides distinct advantages to the permitting agency when linked with other systems or mined for detailed information. Agencies can choose to implement SUPERLOAD to work with Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) and other agency programs to perform checks and can share data for roadside monitoring. Permit routing data provides detailed information on the movement of all carriers. The agency can query specific routing data such as vehicle dimensions and permit timeframes. Mined permitting data can help establish transportation improvement plans that alleviate highway system constraints that adversely impact effective movement of motor vehicles.

Issues Multistate Permits
The SUPERLOAD system is designed to provide direct electronic communication with Bentley’s GotPermits, a one-stop source for acquiring permits from multiple states. is the growing choice of permitting points-of-issuance by U.S. DOTs. Using’s advanced permit application process, transport professionals can complete a single permit application for permitting by several state systems. The website requests only the specific information needed by relevant states and provides multistate routing to resolve cross-boundary routing issues. This uniform processing not only simplifies data entry but also ensures conformance with all state laws, routing requirements, and processes.


  • Automatic permitting
  • Intelligent routing and analysis
  • Finance and accounting
  • Data management
  • Communication support
  • Database support
  • Routing data requirements



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