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Desalination Plant Conceptual Design Saves 40% in Estimation Time

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Bentley Plantwise V8i - Plant Layout and Cost Estimation Software for Front-End Engineering (FEED) & Conceptual Design of Process Plants

Conceptual Design for Process Plant Layout

Support for Early Project Decisions Using 3D Front-end Engineering Design

In any major plant project, 80 percent of the capital expenditure is committed during the conceptual design phase. Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) must be done correctly to impact capital expenditure, and Bentley’s PlantWise is the 3D FEED software product to achieve better front-end engineering and help minimize capital expenditure.

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Technical Requirements

Bentley PlantWise enables rapid creation of automatically piped 3D plant concepts for immediate collaborative review well in advance of detailing. Its automatic routing, simple creation of materials takeoffs, and early support for costing of piping and steel makes possible real-time "what if" analysis of unlimited plant layout scenarios for ultimate plant optimization and early cost estimation. PlantWise allows users to perform more plant layout designs in less time and better evaluate these designs in order to find the most cost-effective case.

PlantWise can save lifecycle costs through early review of the 3D plant layout design for maintenance and operability concerns. Even before any detailed design has begun, operators and contractors can walk through the fully-piped 3D plant concept model, find operations access problems, and immediately make adjustments. PlantWise re-routes the model to test and validate the solution.



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