InspectTech Inspection Software - Bridge, Tunnel, Rail, & Road Transportation Infrastructure Asset Management

Inspection, Maintenance, and Asset Management for Transportation Infrastructure: Bridge, Tunnel, Road, Rail, and Transit

InspectTech is a comprehensive software solution for inspection, maintenance, and management of transportation infrastructure assets. This proven software-as-a-service (SaaS) gives users universal access to asset data – from the field, on the road, or in the office. InspectTech integrates asset data that is useful for multiple operational needs, from inspecting and reporting to capital-project decision making. Users have reported significant savings through improved efficiency, reducing inspection time alone by 25%.

Who Uses InspectTech?

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InspectTech enables owner-operators to maximize the use of transportation asset inspection information for onsite inspection, reporting, maintenance planning, project prioritization, and work scheduling. Information for risk-based decision making helps these organizations turn needs into actionable plans. Condition monitoring helps deliver expected results.

Users of InspectTech include DOTs, transit agencies, counties/municipalities, and engineering contractors. These organizations are able to comply fully with government and industry regulations, including those from FHWA, FTA, and FRA. The system helps users meet new requirements in MAP-21 across multiple transportation modes. InspectTech integrates with a variety of other Bentley software programs for easy data exchange and works in combination with AASHTOWare's Pontis® bridge management system. The InspectTech system can be hosted by Bentley or in-house by the organization.

Initially developed for bridges, today InspectTech is the industry's preferred software for the inspection and inventory of all types of infrastructure assets, including culverts, signs, light poles, antenna towers, storm water, guardrails, retaining walls, and other ancillary structures. A flexible, open system core makes it possible for Bentley to rapidly customize InspectTech to meet the exact needs of every client and specific job. Configurations typically include integration of NBI, Pontis/Element Level data, and customer databases.

InspectTech software delivers an array of tools that enable users to more effectively and efficiently manage infrastructure assets. A geographical information system (GIS), advanced report generation, security features, search and data retrieval, and an executive dashboard streamline processes. Support for rich data (pictures, video, audio, and other PDF files) and capabilities such as direct in-context access to inspection manuals and historical data add to the overall quality of asset inventory information and reports.

Inspectors quickly and effectively collect, analyze, manage, and report inspection data while working in the field, the office, or anywhere in between – using laptops, ruggedized computers, tablets, and mobile phones. The software significantly improves the quality, usability, and amount of data available to make key decisions while preventing errors and avoiding mistakes. The InspectTech system comprises two modules for inspection and asset data management that can be used integrated or independently.

Integrated Modules:

Features At-A-Glance

  • Integration and organization of all structure info in single location (hosted or in-house)
  • Real-time synchronization of inspection/asset information
  • Customizable input fields and forms and report output
  • Picture and file attachment and organization
  • Pre-population of fields
  • In-context information from manuals/handbooks
  • Instant search and reporting across districts/counties/states/areas
  • Ad hoc queries
  • Advanced summary reporting
  • Interactive GIS map (GIS coordinates for each structure type)
  • Executive dashboard for analysis and planning
  • Built-in error checking and detailed calculations
  • National Bridge Inventory (NBI) calculations
  • Support for MAP-21 requirements and recommendations
  • Maintenance needs tracking and prioritization
  • Work order generation, including pictures and descriptions
  • Resource allocation assistance through real-time data and calculations
  • Efficient inspection and resource optimization
  • Report merging
  • Bridge Priority report generation
  • Condition summaries by area
  • Category A/Emergency reports
  • Condition change trending

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