Accelerate Digital Twin App Development

The iTwin Platform is a collection of APIs and cloud services for building digital twin applications for infrastructure assets. Developers use the platform to accelerate development by solving challenges such as data integration, visualization, change tracking, security and more. The platform is open, scalable and designed to help developers get applications to market--quickly.

The platform takes care of back-end concerns such as security, infrastructure, and data integration so that developers can focus on building applications and bringing them to market faster.

Become an iTwin Partner

Digital twins are creating exciting new opportunities for independent software vendors, systems integrators, digital integrators, solution providers, and consultants. The goal of the iTwin Partner Program is to foster a thriving community of organizations who share our vision of creating an open ecosystem for infrastructure digital twins. We achieve this by supporting the development of applications built on the iTwin platform, and through enabling organizations that wish to take their digital twin applications to market.


Get access to the tools, technology, and support to innovate faster


Tap into an addressable market of the world’s leading design and engineering companies and owner-operators


Make connections to more data sources and digital twin-enable large-scale infrastructure assets

iTwin Partner Program Benefits

iTwin Partner

Standard Level

The Standard level is for organizations that will use the iTwin Platform with limited guidance and promotional support from Bentley.

iTwin Partner

Premier Level

The Premier level is for organizations that will benefit from enhanced guidance and promotional support from Bentley.

Experience. Ideation. Prototype

iTwin Partner experience


Our team of experts will guide you through an interactive session to explore various use cases and personas.


Dive deeper into a specific use case to discuss best practices and receive guidance from iTwin Platform developers.


Collaborate through hackathons, a sprint-like design activity to expedite development and innovation.

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