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Software Category
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  • Asset Performance (28)
  • Structural Analysis and Detailing (26)

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Featured Software

Featured Software
  • ProjectWise (42)
  • SYNCHRO (42)
  • MicroStation (36)
  • OpenFlows (22)
  • PLAXIS (18)
  • iTwin (6)
User Story
Asset Performance

MRTC Ensures Optimal Asset Lifecycle Performance

Bentley Provides a Connected Data Environment to Reduce Rework and Improve Productivity by 35 Percent

User Story
Asset Performance

Itafos Establishes Digital Asset Management

Leveraging AssetWise Develops Standard Care Plans for over 9,000 Assets

User Story
Asset Performance

Alarm Management Helps Minimize Energy Consumption

Operational Analytics Helps Lower Maintenance
and Energy Costs to Danfoss Customers Alarm Management Helps Minimize Food Loss and Energy Consumption

User Story
Asset Performance

Cairn Implements Smart Well Integrity and Flow Assurance Management System

Bentley’s AssetWise Provides a Connected Data Environment to Streamline Asset Monitoring and Data Analysis

reality modeling

Orbit 3DM reality modeling, mapping, and surveying

Reality Modeling for Communications, Digital Cities, Mapping and Surveying, Transportation, Utilities, and Water.

Digital Twins

Cities Driving Sustainable Development through Digital Transformation

4.2 billion people live in urban areas. By 2050, that number will expand to 6.7 billion.

Mobility Simulation


Every day you work with data to improve the future of transportation mobility. Your decisions affect infrastructure, operations, technology, and people.

Data Sheet
Civil Design

OpenTunnel Designer

Tunnel Modeling Fully Interoperable with Analysis and Design

User Story
Plant Design

Pestech Drives Cambodia’s Utility Digitalization

Bentley’s collaborative modeling accelerated design time by 50% and reduced changes by 60%.

White Paper
Structural Analysis and Detailing

Reduce the Risk of Foundation Settlement

Structural Mitigation for the Seismic Hazards of Liquefaction

Data Sheet
Utility and Communication Networks


Gain Critical Insight into Your Utility Pole Health & Project Activity

User Story

Pestech Drives Cambodia’s Utility Digitalization with a 230-kV Substation, Providing Power to 11 Rural Villages

Pestech Drives Cambodia’s Utility Digitalization with a 230-kV Substation, Providing Power to 11 Rural Villages