• Hevacomp Mechanical Designer

    Complex building mechanical systems designed with ease

Building Mechanical Design Software

Design and analyze mechanical systems with Hevacomp Mechanical Designer software tailored to meet United Kingdom standards. Accurately analyze building load and energy calculations using a straightforward and robust calculation methodology. From an extensive database to comprehensive tools and reports, it has everything you need to power your world using less energy.
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  • Calculate building heating and cooling loads

    • Conduct load calculations such as heat loss, radiator sizing, heat gains, shadow analysis, heating and air conditioning energy, and summer overheating. Integrate with Hevacomp Dynamic Simulator for analysis of whole building model.
  • Comply with U.K. building regulations

    • Compare data from a common model to country-specific building codes. Access local codes to ensure building is compliant with U.K. building regulations.
  • Design building mechanical services

    • Perform engineering-quality building load and energy calculations. Get quality analysis using a straightforward, robust calculation methodology.
  • Size pipes and duct systems

    • Define systems faster and with less error with a simple and an intuitive input method. Draw pipe and duct systems to scale using a snap grid. Make global changes easily with bends and tees that are automatically implied from the layout and default fitting types.
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Hevacomp Mechanical Designer is now part of OpenBuildings Designer.

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