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Building Design Software

Support the building design and documentation process throughout all phases of the project - from conceptual design and documentation to coordination and construction. Used by leading firms worldwide on projects ranging from the conventional to some of the most inspiring buildings of our time. Deliver high-performance and sustainable buildings on schedule, on budget, and error free with Bentley's Building Design and Analysis software.
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    BIM advancements for the design, analysis, and simulation of quality and high-performance buildings.
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    Simulation and energy analysis software that meets United Kingdom standards.
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    BIM software for building design and construction documentation tailored to meet German standards.
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    Take advantage of computational design software for the quick exploration of building design alternatives.
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    i-model Plugin for Revit
    The i-model plugin for Revit lets users save their models to an i-model from within the Revit application.
    Simulate and analyze foot traffic on infrastructure assets.