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Infrastructure projects involve many collaborating disciplines where work is very interconnected, with distributed teams and thousands of asynchronous decisions and changes for design, material choices, aesthetics, structural integrity, safety, and more. If constant and unrelenting change characterizes infrastructure projects, then it would seem self-evident that our systems should be designed at the outset to manage change.  

We need a new paradigm for managing change — a better solution for synchronizing work in infrastructure projects.  If we wish to transform the loose collection of heterogeneous engineering files and documents into a truly reliable, reusable, and scalable database, we need to fundamentally rethink: 


Database queries and analytics only work when the database contains consistent units, semantics, and structure. 


In infrastructure projects, change is the only constant. Change must be a first-order concept, not an unwelcome inconvenience.


Any authorized user or program that can benefit from the information in the database should be able to easily access the information without impacting other users.

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