Industry: Oil and Gas, Process and Power
Product: ConstructSim
User: The Dow Chemical Company
Country: USA

October 21, 2019

Dow Chemicals Achieves over 60% Wrench-time on Construction Project, Setting New Benchmark for Construction Productivity

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) is an owner-operator with the internal EPC capability to execute capital projects and manage the entire project lifecycle, a capability that sets Dow apart from other owner companies. As part of their strategy, Dow has integrated advanced work packaging (AWP) into its global project methodology and is applying AWP best practices on all large capital projects. 

AWP is a work process framework fundamentally based on thinking with the end in mind. It is designed to drive engineering planning through construction sequencing and enable a step-change in field productivity on projects. Such productivity gains on capital projects are essential for a company like Dow to remain competitive. 

Dow formed a core AWP team in 2015 and spent two years designing and developing an AWP implementation strategy. Dow’s strategy included selecting a construction integration solution that would allow ease of use of engineering and procurement data in construction. Several software packages were evaluated, with Dow selecting Bentley’s ConstructSim because of the simplicity of its field interface and its usability.

Dow first implemented automated AWP processes on a large construction project. The Dow project management and engineering teams were sceptical at first as they believed this approach would only be justified on megaprojects. Dow architected its methodology to make AWP and ConstructSim scalable, targeting its implementation on any project greater than USD 10 million. 

On the first project where Dow implemented AWP, the project team was able to overcome many challenges, most of them cultural, using sustainable and practical work processes and were able to measure and show tangible business benefits. 

The implementation of the AWP methods with ConstructSim helped the project team achieve amazing tool time results for piping and structural steel. Structural steel wrench time performance improved to 70% and piping wrench time performance rose to 63%. The industry average wrench time (CII) is 37%. Other non-quantifiable benefits were the transparency of construction progress, since Dow was able to use the ConstructSim model in weekly construction status meetings. The contractor was able to communicate more effectively with the construction field foreman on scope of work, as well as plan the job out much more accurately, resulting in a much safer job using upfront safety issue mitigation. 

1305_Dow Chemicals Achieves over 60% Wrench-time on Construction Project, Setting New Benchmark for Construction Productivity

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