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Bentley Infrastructure Cloud

Finding Ways to Work Smarter

Bentley supports your effort to design, build, and operate the world’s infrastructure. Our products help you drive efficiency and effectiveness. This is critical today when your organizations are facing talent and skill shortages, managing huge silos of data across products and projects, meeting sustainability challenges, and delivering projects against new global regulations and standards. You need to better design, build, and operate infrastructure more efficiently and effectively, and you need to work smarter to transform your business.

Data is the Key to Understanding

The new Bentley Infrastructure Cloud helps you meet all these complexities across the entire asset lifecycle and ecosystem – from design, to construction, to operations, to maintenance and decommissioning – by focusing on the value of data and empowering the productivity of your workforce across the entire supply chain.

Digital twins bring clarity

Built on the iTwin Platform, Bentley Infrastructure Cloud enables organizations to become data-centric and to better understand the data utilized between engineering applications and enterprise systems. Increase your productivity by shifting from a fragmented and limited understanding of your asset to a single view of all the data tied to your designs and assets that all project teams can access. Data is no longer static and locked up but kept evergreen and easily shared and enriched throughout the lifecycle.

Diablo Dam Digital Twin Modeling
Project Playbook: ContextCapture, ContextCapture Insights
HDR | Whatcom County, Washington, United States

F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center Membrane Improvements
Jacobs Engineering
Buford, Georgia, United States

Using a Common Schema

Bentley Infrastructure Cloud integrates with Bentley’s engineering applications and brings understanding to your data by incorporating digital twin workflows and mapping the information to a common schema that is open and extensible. Bentley’s infrastructure schemas link to reality modeling and IoT devices, and incorporate carbon calculation and subsurface data. Our infrastructure schemas offer the ability to share data seamlessly and enrich it throughout the lifecycle. The result is that all data is retained and not lost along the way as an asset moves from one phase to the next. Engineering firms and owner-operators create and derive more value from their engineering data.

Design, Build, and Operate

Bentley Infrastructure Cloud encompasses ProjectWise for project delivery; SYNCHRO, for construction; and AssetWise, for asset operations. By evolving these enterprise systems to become more fundamentally data-centric, Bentley Infrastructure Cloud delivers an always on, always current, always accessible federated environment that manages engineering data throughout conception, construction, operations, and maintenance.

Versova Bandra Sea Link Project – VBSL
Image Courtesy of Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited

Bentley Infrastructure Cloud includes


Leverage digital design delivery, portfolio intelligence, data governance, and enhanced engineering work-in-progress capabilities to improve project performance and productivity.


Manage your construction projects with virtual construction model-based workflows between the office and field, and always know the performance and financial health of your project.


Transform your data into real-time insights with advanced analytics capabilities to improve operational performance.