Section 508 Statement

Statement regarding Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act

Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Bentley Systems, Incorporated (“Bentley”) products comply with the Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards (“Standards”) identified for software products under the Federal Information Technology Accessibility Initiative, with the following clarifications:

Bentley products are compliant to the extent that the hardware and underlying operating system are compliant with the Standards, and the extent to which the design and implementation of the available IT systems makes assistive technology available. Individuals with disabilities may require specific, accessibility-related software or peripheral devices as an accommodation to use Bentley products.

The degree of compliance of Bentley products with the Standards can only be determined within the context of the specific IT systems in which they are to be incorporated. Clarification of the Standards by procuring agencies to define the specific accessibility requirements for the agency’s software developers would be required to determine additional, if any, specific compatibility of Bentley products.