• ProjectWise Share

    Quickly and securely exchange critical project data

Project Content Exchange and Collaboration

Working together is easier than ever using ProjectWise Share—a cloud-based service that helps you quickly and securely exchange critical project data with your entire supply chain.

Built specifically with your design workflows in mind, ProjectWise Share avoids time-consuming processes and improves coordination on your engineering projects by:

  • Exchanging files of any size quickly through a centralized, easy-to-use platform
  • Allowing designated project participants to easily access files without opening your firewall
  • Discovering up-to-date files readily by organizing them in an intuitive, project-based context
  • Reducing disruptions to your workflows via integration with select Bentley design applications
  • Collaborate in real time

    • Capture and share real-time changes; collaborate on latest documents anywhere and anytime over mobile and desktop devices.
  • Employ trusted file sharing

    • Eliminate the redundancy and confusion often caused by documents stored on multiple sites and with different applications.
  • Find documents quickly

    • Access your latest files and favorite content based on your requirements for accurate document retrieval.
  • Put files in a project context

    • Create and manage file sharing with user, workgroup, and team folder structures.
  • Review and mark up PDFs with cloud services

    • Interact directly with PDFs in the cloud and view, add annotations, and create issues to be tracked in the Issues Resolution Service, expediting communication among users for all project-related review processes.
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