ProjectWise 365

BIM Collaboration for Small to Mid-Size Design Teams

ProjectWise 365

ProjectWise 365 is a new offering for small and mid-sized design teams and firms, increasing the speed and quality of collaboration with a set of 100% SaaS-based, instant-on services.

With ProjectWise 365, leverage key capabilities that help make ProjectWise the #1 collaborative BIM software. Enable all practitioners and stakeholders involved in design and engineering to share and find information, conduct collaborative design reviews, and manage contractual exchanges faster for maximum team productivity.

“Instant-on” Digital Collaboration

Join other design teams and firms that are choosing ProjectWise 365 for its simple start-up, ease of use, and digital design collaboration benefits.


Leveraging Microsoft 365 technology and integration with office productivity applications, ProjectWise 365 extends the accessibility and affordability of collaborative BIM, eliminating paper-based workflows, third-party PDF review capabilities, and other point solutions.

Design Work Made Simple

Obtain information faster

Store, find, and share project information quickly and easily from your web browser or Microsoft Teams environment.

Accelerate design reviews

Capture and manage feedback on 2D and 3D designs to accelerate collaboration and resolve issues faster.

Better manage contractual exchanges

Automate and manage contractual exchanges and reviews to shorten approval cycles and reduce risk.