• PLAXIS 3D Dynamics

    Comprehensive dynamic loading

3D Geotechnical Dynamic Modeling Software

Analyze the effects of man-made or natural seismic vibrations in soil with PLAXIS 3D Dynamics. Perform analyses on the effects of vibrations in the soil from earthquakes, pile driving, vehicle movement, heavy machinery, or train travel. PLAXIS 3D Dynamics is an easy-to-use, add-on module to PLAXIS 3D; so, when you need something that goes beyond the low-frequency vibrations, this is the choice for you. PLAXIS 3D Dynamics module can handle more advanced seismic analysis than what is available by default in PLAXIS and can accurately calculate the effects of vibrations with a dynamics analysis when the frequency of the dynamic load is higher than the natural frequency of the medium. 

  • Apply advanced model boundary conditions

    • Apply advanced model boundary conditions when dynamic analysis requires special boundary conditions. In addition to viscous boundaries, free-field and compliant base boundaries can also be selected to reduce spurious reflections of waves reaching the model boundaries.
  • Apply simple and advanced constitutive models

    • All material models contain extra parameters, which take into account damping due to material and/or geometry. Calculate excess pore pressure build-up during dynamic excitation with liquefaction models. For soils other than liquefaction susceptible sand, the (Generalized) Hardening soil model with small strain stiffness generally offers a good choice.
  • Perform dynamic loading with earthquake data

    • In modeling the dynamic response of a soil structure, the inertia of the subsoil and the time dependency of the load are considered. The time dependent behavior of the load can be assigned through harmonic, linear, or table multipliers. Via table input, users can import real earthquakes signals to perform meaningful seismic design of jetties or foundations. Dynamic multipliers can be assigned independently in the x- and y-directions in PLAXIS 2D Dynamics and x-, y-, and z-directions in PLAXIS 3D Dynamics.
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