Digital Twins

Connect the Physical and Virtual World
Synchronize work, gain greater visibility, and make sense of the right data at the right time across the lifecycle of assets.


Empower People To Do More

Create the visibility and insights for data-driven decisions that make infrastructure sustainable and resilient, and better serve your stakeholders.

Reimagining Bridge Inspections

Minnesota DOT saves 40% with digital twins using drone-gathered data.


Doosan Creates Digital Twin of Wind Farm

With Azure digital twins, IoT Hub, and Bentley iTwin digital visualization, Doosan takes advantage of ready-to-use building blocks to quickly build the wind farm model, and now use it to create new technical innovations and business opportunities.


ROCKETMINE Gets Digital Line-of-Sight

Technicians in U.K. and Africa collaborate to perform complex maintenance tasks. First responders onsite get full geospatial context of asset monitoring alarms. Anyone can view asset performance data in real-time while working hands-free.


Águas do Porto Makes Data-Driven Decisions with Digital Twins

The water utility improved the entire urban water cycle by commissioning a smart water management platform, H2Porto. This digital twin helps improve operational mobility and created operational gains of 23%.

Rachel Skinner

“I think in some cases, people have been quite shocked. They simply hadn’t stopped to think about the fact that 70% of the whole world’s carbon emissions have some link to the way that they either plan, design, build and operate infrastructure. Tackling this has to be a major part of what we do, and it’s urgent. Action is really critical.”

Make Data More Accessible and Actionable

Combine disparate data into a federated environment that reflects current and predicts future conditions for inspections, reporting, and insights. Build and manage very large digital twins. Access anytime, anywhere with robust cloud infrastructure and data centers around the world.

Digital Twins

Work from a Single View of the Truth

  • Create and manage digital twins that are up-to-date virtual representations of assets, systems or cities
  • View assets and projects 24/7 from anywhere
  • Know your assets - what they are, how they perform, and when change is needed

Visualize, Simulate, and Monitor

  • Utilize immersive visualization
  • Obtain analytics visibility
  • Gain insights through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Get decision support throughout design, construction, and operations

Improve Decisions. Get Results.

  • Reduce the cost and time of delivering projects and managing assets
  • Improve the level and quality of services delivered internally and externally
  • Reduce the risk associated with assets, and the liability resulting from asset failures
  • Meet your sustainability goals

Aswadi Yusof

“Going digital with Bentley, including our use of a ‘digital twins’ approach, is helping MRT Corp to implement the business processes and systems it needs to spearhead the digital future of construction in Malaysia.”

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