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    Conceptual site design in hours not days

Conceptual Civil Site Design Software

Bentley’s SITEOPS proven software as a service (SaaS) enables you to create numerous conceptual site designs in a fraction of the time by helping you evaluate more information in the early stages of your project, design more efficiently, and minimize your land development costs.
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  • Develop site designs

    • Quickly create, revise, and optimize multiple design scenarios for commercial, industrial, and campus projects to determine optimal site plans for each project. Create parking lots, streets, sidewalks, buildings pads, and other design features with auto-drawing capabilities.
  • Generate grading and stormwater drainage plans

    • Quickly create, revise, and optimize conceptual layouts with grading and stormwater drainage plans while viewing associated costs. Generate cut and fill estimates on the fly. Save time and money while reducing project risks with the ability to generate fully cost-optimized conceptual site plans and takeoff budgets in minutes.
  • Integrate multidiscipline models in site designs

    • Ensure models represent all project information by incorporating site designs, drainage, driveways, buildings, and other site features. Import models to readily view the model holistically in the proposed environment.
  • Incorporate topography and aerial imagery

    • Jump-start the conceptual design process by importing imagery and topographic data from USGS to view the design in a real-world setting. Drape imagery on TIN surfaces for quick 3D surface visualization. You can readily view the site’s capabilities in any location to gain insight in the design.
  • Model and analyze terrain

    • Create intelligent models containing not only terrain data but also roadway or site features. You can use features to visually distinguish structure, appearance, and symbology in the design.
  • Simulate vehicle path movement

    • Reduce costly design errors by simulating vehicle path movement throughout the site design process to readily identify issues early in the project. Use a pre-populated library of vehicle templates or design custom templates to meet your project needs. You can export files in DWG, Land XML, and PDF formats.
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See for yourself how you can create conceptual site designs in a fraction of the time.

OpenSite Designer
Introducing OpenSite Designer
Hear from David Settlemyer, Bentley's Senior Product Manager, as he introduces OpenSite Designer, the revolutionary product for site design.
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