OpenRoads Designer

End-to-end Detailed Road Design Capabilities in One Application

Main Street or Highway, Design and Engineer Road Projects from Start to Finish

OpenRoads Designer includes everything you need for plan and construction documentation, surveying, stormwater design and analysis, visualization, geotechnical, underground utilities, and so much more.

You Don’t Work in a Silo and Neither Should Your Software

From integrating existing conditions to working with other project partners, OpenRoads' model-centric approach makes it easy to work with different data types, disciplines, and distributed teams.

It Is All About the Details

Reduce highway design time with a complete toolset for survey, drainage, utilities, and roadway detailed design in one application.

2D, 3D, and Beyond

Whether you need to produce traditional 2D deliverables, advance to 3D modeling, support digital transformation, or all the above, OpenRoads is the choice for road design.

OpenRoads Detail Designers

Start with Real Data

Create accurate, georeferenced 3D designs with real-world context through the seamless integration of reality data and design information.
OpenRoads Designer Real Data

Model and Analyze Terrain

Create intelligent models containing not only terrain data, but also roadway or site features. You can use features to visually distinguish structure, appearance, and symbology in the design.
OpenRoads Designer Model

Create Horizontal and Vertical Alignments

Use object-oriented coordinate geometry and alignment design capabilities that provide intelligent updating as you quickly create precision horizontal and vertical alignments. Use elevation profiles to display surface information, as well as vertical alignments associated with horizontal alignments.
OpenRoads Designer Vertical Alignement

Create Profiles and Cross-Sections

Create profiles and cross-sections from any point within the design. View updates on the fly as the design is modified with dynamic cross sections. You can see the ground changing to reflect design edits. Include surface features, corridor components, and notations, such as construction limits or stationing.
OpenRoads Designer CrossSection

Design and Analyze Corridors

Use immersive corridor modeling capabilities that support complex modeling and file federation demands required by BIM Level 2 and beyond. Streamline the complex development of every aspect of the roadway in a single, parametric presentation. You can move rapidly along a corridor at controlled intervals, viewing and dynamically designing all roadway components in concert.
OpenRoads Designer Corridors

Go with the Flow Drainage Design

From the creation of models from 2D artifacts and external data, through steady and unsteady state hydraulics and hydrology, to BIM and plans production, you’ll reduce design time with a complete toolset in one application.
OpenRoads Designer Drainage

Seeing is Believing

Accelerate the approvals process. Produce realistic visualizations to help clients make informed decisions throughout the project. No extra fees, software, or specialists required.
OpenRoads Designer Seeing is Believing

Automate Drawing Production

Automate the production of high-quality drawings, including multidiscipline documentation sets, which are consistent across the entire project. Get a live view of the project in sheet orientation. As the design changes, so will the sheets. Make edits directly in the design model and the application will update the sheets.
OpenRoads Designer Automate

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