• OpenSite

    A smarter way to do site design

Civil Site Design Software

OpenSite is a new solution for the design and construction of civil site projects. OpenSite provides the most comprehensive site design workflow available including reality modeling, geotechnical, underground utilities, stormwater drainage, terrain modeling, detailed drawing production, and visualization. 

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    Conceptual site scenarios with little effort and low overhead on any of your land development projects.
  • OpenSite Designer
    OpenSite Designer
    OpenSite Designer is a comprehensive site design application for rapid modeling and analysis of site design projects that supersedes all capabilities previously delivered through Bentley PowerCivil, GEOPAK Site, InRoads Site, MXSite, and Bentley topoGRAPH.
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    Model-based Design is Key

    • Produce better quality, consistent documentation in less time. With OpenRoads Designer, you can work smarter, faster, and more efficiently using capabilities such as civil cells, design constraints and relationships, design-time visualization, and dynamic model updates.