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Our Core Values

At Bentley, we believe that our colleagues are our most important assets. Since our founding in 1984, Bentley has grown into a world-leading provider of software and services to design, build, and operate the world’s infrastructure. Our growth and resilience have been achieved through the hard work of our colleagues and the incredible loyalty from our users. Fundamental to Bentley’s success have been our core values:


We are committed to improve the quality of life through our contributions to the world’s infrastructure.


We are teams of innovators who apply technology to deliver creative solutions.


We are passionate about the amazing things that our users do with our software and we are committed to their success.


We are connected and able to collaborate with each other throughout our global footprint. This creates a supportive community that brings out the best in us.


We take pride in our work and hold ourselves accountable for delivering our promises.

Hear From Our Colleagues...


Eduardo Lazzarotto

Director, Product Management

“Bentley is a partner in some of the most innovative infrastructure projects around the world. It motivates me to see the real benefit of these new hospitals, water treatment plants, and renewable energy facilities that help foster economic development while also improving people’s lives. Working in the buildings team enables me to regularly be in touch with some of the most inspiring architects, designers, and engineers that successfully create beautiful and functional masterpieces, and I am truly passionate at supporting these users’ success.”


Gen Taurand

Project Manager II

“Bentley Systems offers me a stimulating and dynamic environment. I get to work with the best team in town and colleagues from every corner of the world. I am thankful to be in a workplace that both inspires and supports me to seek new challenges in my career. Bentley nurtures professional and personal growth through mentorship programs and a wide range of continued learning opportunities. Moreover, Bentley celebrates colleagues making an impact in our field, and beyond, through volunteer opportunities, engagement in STEM initiatives, and incentive donation programs. For me, Bentley is a place where I can dream and thrive in accomplishing personal and professional goals, and I am grateful to be part of the team.”


Wisani Manganye


"Every day at Bentley presents a new learning experience. I have had the opportunity to be exposed to the construction, defense, mining, rail, and oil and gas industries! Bentley has encouraged my personal growth by enabling me to participate in several personal and career growth programs, which shows me that they care for me beyond the office walls. These programs have taught me to be wiser and empathetic, and to speak with more confidence. They understand the importance of a healthy work-life balance.”


Anirban Chakraborty

Senior Software Engineer

“At Bentley, I have the opportunity to be a part of a true global team. Our product specialists and product management colleagues always stay focused on solving user problems while allowing us to learn and explore various new technologies, such as ReactJs, Azure DevOps, NodeJs, and Azure cloud services. As a computer science engineer, this really keeps me motivated because there is always something new to master. Bentley has some of the best leave, work hours, and office policies, which helps to keep employee morale high by maintaining a good work-life balance.”

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