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Graduate Development Program

Graduate Development Program

Accelerate your growth. Capitalize on your potential. Begin your career.

Engineer Your Future

Bentley inspires and empowers you to reach your full potential through a continuous learning culture. Global learning and development opportunities are integrated in the organization through on-the-job learning and internal training. Working alongside industry experts, you will learn new ways to expand your skills, contribute to business success, and help Bentley advance the world’s infrastructure.

Software Engineering Track

Experience working on different teams during a two-year rotational program, where you will develop a wide array of technical skill sets. Gain exposure to critical business practices and cutting-edge technology that puts you on the fast track for career growth. After a preliminary career track discussion, you are assigned to your first six-month rotation. There are multiple teams to chose from with varying focuses: you could be on a team where you brush up on your C++ programing, rotate to a securities team, and then jump on an AI team that focuses on machine learning. The sky is the limit with Bentley Systems! There are hundreds of rotational variations and with one-on-one mentoring, you are guided every step of the way. Upon completion of the program, you will be assigned to a team of your choice that not only matches your refined skill set, but also provides you with the opportunity to make a lasting impact.

Why Work for Bentley?

What Sets Us Apart

An international software development team

Fun social activities

Opportunities for global rotation

A casual office environment

Cutting edge technology

Career mobility

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Common Languages

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
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Technologies Used

  • Azure
  • Node.js
  • iModelHub
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Microsoft Webservices

Program Testimonials

Shivani Raykar

Pune, India

“My experience at Bentley Systems has been amazing so far. Under the Graduate Development Program, I had the chance to work on three different ongoing projects, thereby learning many things from mentors whose professional approach toward their work is commendable. Working on these projects, I was also able to adapt to new languages and different systems. I feel glad to be a part of such a challenging and positive work environment, where I not only gained technical experience but also made some good connections as well. I could recognize the best of my abilities.”

Austeja headshot

Austėja Kalpakovaite

Vilnius, Lithuania

“The Graduate Development Program has been a great learning experience. The opportunity to try out different technologies allowed me to better understand and learn base underlying concepts of software engineering instead of specifics of some technology stack. Along the way, I have met truly inspiring people who spared no time or effort in trying to help me become a better engineer and person in general. The ability to change and adapt is what drives us forward, and multiple rotations have helped me to experience that for myself.”

Aditi portrait

Aditi Patil

Pune, India

“I started my journey with Bentley Systems as an intern and then joined as an associate through the Graduate Development Program. The program has given me a chance to work on different products across the organization. Apart from the different technology stacks, the rotation structure gave me an opportunity to work with different teams, where I learned a lot about software-engineering concepts, multitasking, and work management. I feel fortunate to have closely worked with supportive, highly knowledgeable, and experienced people. I also had the chance to work with overseas mentors and colleagues, which gave me exposure to a culturally diverse environment. Overall, it’s been a great experience as it’s helping me to grow my roots technically, as well as professionally.”

Guillermo portrait

Guillermo Rodriguez

Irvine, CA
“My journey through the Graduate Development Program here at Bentley Systems has been an invaluable experience. It has allowed me to surround myself with brilliant and diverse people across multiple teams. Alongside these people, I have worked on new, exciting, and challenging projects. The close and supportive mentorship guidance has given me an enormous amount of technical and personal growth, as they have helped me tackle hurdles with high learning curves. I highly value the trust and responsibility given to me by my multiple mentors and managers. In the end, this program supported me in finding my place in the company while also gaining new friends along the way.”
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