• Parsons

    Foothill Gold Line Design Build Rail Project

    Azusa, California, United States

Project Summary


The Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority undertook a USD 1.5 billion project to design and build an 11.5-mile commuter rail line with six stations from Pasadena to Azusa, California. As part of the Kiewit-Parsons Joint Venture team challenged to meet an aggressive schedule, Parsons rapidly deployed more than 100 engineers in 15 offices by using ProjectWise and internal application streaming technology to move engineering data and applications.


The ProjectWise environment allowed Parsons to form a virtual project team that began working remotely from the beginning of the project, without waiting for the construction office to open and staff to relocate. Throughout the project, ProjectWise enabled the JV partners to share engineering data with field workers, inspectors, and contractors as well as collaborate with more than 200 subconsultants. Using ProjectWise as the single source of data for all parties ensured design quality and greatly reduced rework.


The firm saved an estimated USD 500,000 in travel and relocation costs by allowing engineers to work from their offices. Working remotely had the added benefits of reducing staff turnover, decreasing down time for travel, lowering stress levels, and improving morale. The most significant savings, however, was in time saved by leveraging existing offices and personnel.


Within the ProjectWise environment, the project team members relied upon Bentley software to design the railway and associated infrastructure. Products included Bentley Rail, Haestad, InRoads, LEAP, MicroStation, OpenRoads, and STAAD. The collaborative environment allowed Parsons to share project data in real time with the client, subconsultants, and vendors.

  • Allowing team members to work from their own offices eliminated both the costs and the risks associated with relocating staff and opening a new office.
  • Operating costs for the construction office were significantly reduced, given the need for a smaller office and less infrastructure for that office.
  • Deployment of a virtual design team allowed Parsons to meet all project demands in a timely manner.
  • “Large-scale design-build projects such as the Gold Line Foothill project have become standard operating procedure within the industry and, in order to be profitable and stay competitive, we rely on Bentley's ProjectWise tools. Without them, we would not be able to fully leverage all of Parsons resources.”

    Raymond Thorn Engineering Systems Director Parsons