• Archer Daniels Midland Company

    ADM Mechanical Integrity & RBI Implementation Project

    Columbus, NE; Clinton, IA; and Decatur, IL, United States

Project Summary


The USD 1.1 million project required Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) to implement a standardized risk-based inspections (RBI) and asset management process across its geographically dispersed processing plants to increase safety, compliance, and operational integrity of plant assets while optimizing capital planning costs associated with the inspections. To set up initial infrastructure, integrate over 100,000 assets, accommodate geographic constraints, and facilitate consistent change management methods, ADM used collaborative, interoperable software.


ADM installed Bentley AssetWise at four of its large geographically dispersed processing operations to integrate and link relevant asset management information and risk-based inspections data to plant assets to evaluate and minimize risk. The software supports and drives the processes for ADM’s plant safety, integrity, and risk-based inspections. Inspection plans and frequencies are optimized with direct visibility to damage mechanisms and failure modes, ensuring the team is inspecting for the right things with the right technology and inspection method. Using ProjectWise in conjunction with AssetWise provides collaborative document management capabilities and accelerated accurate information sharing to ensure consistency. Bentley software’s flexibility and interoperability enabled ADM to standardize and execute effective inspection processes to ensure asset integrity.


Using Bentley software as the foundation for its mechanical integrity and RBI program provided ADM a collaborative platform to better collect, analyze, communicate, and understand its risk exposure and determine the most effective inspection processes. As a result, ADM was able to implement a transparent asset performance management system across multiple locations to minimize risk, optimize plant costs and inspection downtime, and ensure safe, reliable plant operations.


ADM uses MicroStation for P&ID development in conjunction with isometric drawings. AssetWise asset performance management combined with ProjectWise document management platform deliver relevant information when and where it is needed for a complete lifecycle asset management solution. Using the risk-based inspections and remote capabilities of AssetWise, ADM collects data in real time, records field inspection readings, generates reports, and uploads them into AssetWise for a reliable strategy to ensure asset integrity. Bentley software’s single platform for analysis and data management along with its interoperability were instrumental in the effective implementation of ADM’s USD 1.1 million project.

  • ADM uses Bentley’s AssetWise, ProjectWise, and MicroStation to implement a standardized mechanical integrity and RBI process across its geographically dispersed processing plants. This minimizes risks and optimizes plant costs and operations.
  • Bentley software’s flexibility and interoperability provides ADM with the foundation to analyze and determine asset risks, implement transparent inspection processes, and utilize advanced technologies to ensure safety, asset integrity, and optimal asset performance.
  • Using Bentley software for this USD 1.1 million project enabled ADM processes for asset strategy development and implementation, risk and failure mode analysis, asset health monitoring and measurement, collaboration, and document management resulting in the successful execution of an asset performance management solution for ADM’s plant operations.
  • “The Bentley AssetWise asset performance software provides us with a sophisticated tool to assist in managing our plant assets. Specifically, it provides a platform to better understand our risk exposure, determine the inspection planning requirements, and enable execution of those plans to mitigate risk. The byproduct of the application, practices, and processes we’ve put in place are driving the right work at the right time, thus optimizing plant costs and inspection downtime, and supporting our corporate mantra for safe, reliable operations at our facilities.”

    Mark Rohanna ADM Global Program Manager – Maintenance and Reliability Archer Daniels Midland Company