• PJSC Giprotyumenneftegaz

    Central Production Facility, Novoportovskoye Field

    Tyumen Region, Tamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Russia

Project Summary

Novoportovskoye Field’s central production facility (CPF) treats oil from the Yamal Peninsula in Russia, ensuring that it complies with exacting Russian standards, and transports it to a delivery and acceptance point. The field is in northwest Siberia, Russia where the average temperature is 15.1 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also located in a permafrost layer, which, if thawed, could have severe environmental impacts. PJSC Giprotyumenneftegaz was retained to overcome these challenges and provide designs for the facility, delivery and acceptance site, and a hydropower plant, as well as high-quality operating documentation for the site. This documentation will provide engineering support during the construction and start-up of the facility.

PJSC Giprotyumenneftegaz used Bentley applications to create a 3D design model of the CPF and the surrounding terrain. This model shortened the execution time while still producing a high-quality design. The team used the model during the construction phase, a first for the organization. The team integrated the time schedules of construction and installation works, making it possible to track the progress of construction work in detail. The unified schedules also shortened delivery time and avoided procurement mistakes.

The design and construction of Novoportovskoye Field created new jobs for the region, with 4,000 people working at the field, including subcontractors. The project was completed in 2017 and numerous operation and maintenance field jobs were filled. Bentley applications reduced the project design one-and-a-half times, reducing the cost by about 15 to 20 percent. Several analytical solutions applied to the 3D model saved the project team 20 percent in metal consumption on the structure of the facility. Lastly, because Bentley applications saved time and increased efficiency, the project team reduced the construction time in the permafrost zone, helping protect the surrounding environment.

OpenPlant allowed for easy organization of information from specialists within the multi-discipline team of designers, engineers, and contractors, creating a common data environment for all parties. To conduct a terrain survey, MicroStation and Descartes were used. The project team used Pointools, along with laser scanning during the construction phase, to deliver an “as-built” model for the client 30 percent faster.

Project Playbook: AutoPIPE, Descartes, MicroStation, Navigator, OpenPlant, Pointools, Promis.e, ProSteel
  • PJSC Giprotyumenneftegaz used Bentley applications to design and construct the central production facility for Novoportovskoye Field, located in an environmentally challenging area.
  • The project team delivered designs for the central production facility, the delivery and acceptance point, and a hydropower plant. It also created an “as-built” 3D model and operating documentation for the facility.
  • Using OpenPlant, the team created a connected data environment that all parties could view and contribute to, reducing the design process by one-and-a-half times and costs by 15 to 20 percent.
  • The use of Bentley applications reduced the construction time in the permafrost zone, limiting surrounding environmental impact.
  • “Introducing new Bentley products in the design of infrastructure objects for oil and gas fields represents a complete solution for all of the design stages, as well as for the construction and operation of industrial facilities. The solutions are based on a single data model that provides interoperability of applications through a common pool of information.”

    Aleksey Kruzhinov Head of the Software Design Department PJSC Giprotyumenneftegaz