• OpenUtilities Analysis (Powered by Siemens’ PSS®SINCAL)

    Improve planning and grid management for distributed energy resources

Integrated Planning and Analysis for Grid Modernization

Understanding the impact of distributed energy resources (DER) interconnection often requires a more detailed study to help mitigate potential performance fluctuations and business risks associated with a utility’s electrical power distribution system. OpenUtilities Analysis (Powered by Siemens’ PSS®SINCAL) enables power system planners to forecast and model the grid for decentralized energy without disrupting current operations. This situation means accurate forecasting, state-of-the-art models, and the ability to study many scenarios. It helps streamline the DER approval process with efficient and accurate impact analysis to optimize power flow and mitigate risks.

A reliable and resilient network entails a highly dynamic mode of analysis where models are continuously updated. It helps utilities and industrial operations address the challenges of planning, designing, and operating an integrated network with DER in a highly efficient manner.

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    • Integrate Multiple GIS into a Single Network Model
    • Conduct Powerflow Analysis
    • Perform GIS Analysis & Visualization
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