Industrializing Design and Construction 
for Cities

Improve the way you collaborate with architectural, engineering, and construction firms that plan, design, and build projects in your city

Leverage a collaborative environment that allows your city departments to work with your design and construction ecosystem as one integrated team.This integrated team approach helps you improve bidding, permitting, and provides a more engaging public review.


Project collaboration

ProjectWise provides a collaboration environment that supports the work of your multidiscipline team and integrates all project processes across your supply chain.


iTwin Design Review

Leverage the power of digital twins with model-centric and multidiscipline design review, fully integrated with ProjectWise. Track changes, manage change, and get complete visibility of your design decisions across the entire project timeline.


4D digital construction

SYNCRHO helps you plan, manage, construct and track in 4D and model-based workflows so that everyone reviews, communicates and collaborates in a digital interactive, and visual environment. SYCNRHO XR brings 4D into mixed reality with Microsoft HoloLens to review planned work or track progress on-site.


Reality modeling for construction

ContextCapture provides digital context of current conditions as construction progresses.


Flood resilience for construction

OpenFlows FLOOD helps you model and simulate to protect your site, materials, and teams from flooding.


Project visualization at city-scale

OpenCities Planner displays multiple ongoing projects at city-scale to assist in communication of projects at all stages of completion.

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