• OpenBuildings Station Designer

    Design, Analyze, Visualize, and Simulate Rail and Metro Stations

Multi-Discipline Rail Station Design and Pedestrian Simulation

OpenBuildings Station Designer improves design quality by optimizing the functional space layout of the station building and the path of travel for the pedestrian. Design, analyze, visualize, and simulate rail and metro stations of any size, form, and complexity. Create pedestrian simulation scenarios to improve the quality of your station design and facility operations.

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  • 建設システムのパフォーマンスの解析

    • 実際のパフォーマンスをシミュレーションし、ビルシステムのパフォーマンスを評価することで、設計上の最適な選択肢をすばやく見つけることができます。設計の初期段階で概念的なエネルギー解析を行うことで、ピーク負荷、年間のエネルギー計算、エネルギー消費量、二酸化炭素排出量、燃料コストを把握できます。
  • Collaborate across multi-discipline teams

    • Collaborate across multiple disciplines with tools for architectural, electrical, mechanical, and structural systems design in one application. Coordinate your designs better thanks to a common design environment and a streamlined workflow. Resolve clashes with built-in clash detection and share mark-ups of models and documentation across teams to reduce project errors.
  • Design mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems

    • Design complex MEP systems. Model fully parametric air-handling, piping, and plumbing systems. Design lighting, power, fire-detection, and other electrical subsystems.
  • Design station building structures

    • Model steel, concrete, and timber structures from walls, foundations, and columns to other structural components. Produce plans, framing layouts, sections, and elevations. Integrate with detailing applications, including Bentley's ProStructures.
  • Design stations and facilities

    • Develop and design buildings and facilities of any size and complexity with comprehensive architectural capabilities. Produce coordinated architectural documentation directly from the building model. Create floor plans, sections, elevations, and schedules for any architectural component.
  • Functional space layout

    • Use available catalog of functional space types that are specific to stations for layout and reporting. This will result in efficient space layout and analysis, which ensures that your facility meets the owner’s requirements.
  • Furniture, fixtures and equipment

    • Utilize catalog of equipment for space planning, such as ticket kiosks, gate turnstiles, and passenger information displays.
  • Generate station documentation and reports

    • Produce high-quality and reliable documents directly from your intelligent building model. Ensure that drawings are up to date and accurately represent your design by publishing design model views. Link specifications, engineering calculations, and equipment documentation to models and drawings to support building operations.
  • Geographic coordination

    • Utilize geographic coordinate systems from OpenRail Designer and OpenRoads Designer to improve design coordination between the linear alignment of rail design and the vertical construction of the station building.
  • Pedestrian simulation

    • Create pedestrian simulation scenarios to improve the quality of design and facility operations. Experience improved design quality by optimizing the functional space layout of the station building and the path of pedestrian movement.
  • 設計代替案の改善

    • 図形を動的にモデリングまたは操作することで、設計を迅速に繰り返すことができます。さらなる可能性を検討し、幅広い「what-if」代替案を探索する時間を短縮できます。制限や制約のない自由な設計と、あらゆる形状、サイズ、複雑性でのモデル作成が可能になります。
  • ビル設計の視覚化

    • 視覚化モデルを作成し、設計案の検討を深めることができます。専用のソフトウェアを用意しなくても、実物そっくりの緻密な画像やアニメーション、写真と見まがうほど高度なレンダリング画像を作成できます。


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