Video Case Study: Showcase Willemspoortunnel

Video Case Study
  • Case Study
  • September 13, 2018

Software: PLAXIS 2D 2010

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Company: Aronsohn

The “Willemsspoortunnel” is a railway tunnel in Rotterdam that connects the left and right banks of the river Maas. During its development, construction above the tunnel was only forseen on the right bank. Due to future developments on the left bank, studies on additional settlements of the tunnel are required. For his Msc thesis project at Aronsohn, Ragavan Appiah made preliminary estimations of the tunnel settlements due to the new building loads. Different research models were defined:

  • Building on the direct surface above the tunnel
  • Large-spanned building over the tunnel
  • Utilizing the bearing capacity of the existing combi walls

In this movie, we wil focus on the variant with a large-spanning building over the tunnel area with an excavated basement pit.

    • PLAXIS 2D Basic - Showcase Willemspoortunnel