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If your organization is a SELECT subscriber with Bentley, you are entitled to a comprehensive set of services made available to help you in your use of Bentley software. If you are a user, our services will help you to become effective in your work with Bentley software applications. If you manage licenses for your organization, we provide the tools and reporting to help you support your users and to meet your organizational objectives.

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Support Services

If you are a user of a Bentley application, you can interact with other users, get questions answered, explore new workflows, access learning resources, or get software issues resolved. Take advantage of your Personal Portal, your one stop hub for application support and your access point to download software from Bentley.
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Administrative Resources

If you are responsible for administering software for your organization, Bentley provides you with tools to administer license access, set user permissions, analyze license use, manage notifications, and more. Follow the link below to sign in and access the resources to manage license use in your organization.

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