• Water Network Modeling and Analysis

    Understanding water system behavior today and tomorrow

Water Network Modeling and Analysis Solution

Reliably delivering clean, potable water to customers is at the core of what every water utility does. Making this happen is a heroic effort, though, and requires constant attention to be able to fully understand how the system behaves, identify problems, and choose the best course of action to address the needs of the customers and the needs of the utility. Our tools are designed specifically to help engineers analyze and design water distribution systems.
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    • Water Network Modeling and Analysis
  • Analyze transients

    • Control transients by performing a transient analysis to locate trouble spots and determine appropriate surge control strategies. Precise transient simulation in HAMMER enables you to decrease the risk of approximating the behavior of protective devices and rotating equipment (pumps and turbines)​.​
  • Assess fire flow capacity

    • ​Use a water distribution hydraulic model to access and identify where fire protection is inadequate. Design improvements such as the sizing and location of pipes, pumps, and tanks in order to meet fire-flow and protection requirements.
  • Develop flushing plans

    • Optimize flushing programs with multiple conventional and unidirectional flushing events in a single run. Increase velocity in mains to flush out solids and stale water, with the primary indicator of the success of flushing being the maximum velocity achieved in any pipe during the flushing operation.​
  • Identify water loss

    • Conserve water and increase revenues by reducing water loss. Leverage flow and pressure data to find locations for detailed sonic leak detection (WaterGEMS only). Study the amount by which you can expect to reduce leakage by reducing pressure and see the impact on customer service.​​
  • Manage energy use

    • Model pumps accurately using hydraulic modeling, including complex pump combinations and variable speed pumps, to understand the impact that different pump operational strategies have on energy usage. Minimize energy related to pumping costs while maximizing system performance.​​​​
  • Control pressure

    • Use a hydraulic network model to automatically and accurately determine real-time pressures throughout the network, even for non-monitored locations. Predict service levels into the future to identify areas with excessively high or low pressures, and assess ways for adjusting pumps and regulating valves to balance pressures without disrupting service.
  • Manage water security

    • Use a water distribution hydraulic model to assess and examine physical infrastructure to determine areas of vulnerability. Protect against potential natural, accidental, or purposeful contamination that will compromise the system's ability to reliably deliver safe water to customers.
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Water Distribution Book
The Advanced Water Distribution Modeling and Management book walks the practicing engineer or student through the modeling process from start to finish.
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Optioneering for Better Informed Decisions

  • Download an infographic to find out how hydraulic modeling software's optioneering capabilities help identify engineering solutions that optimize water or wastewater systems.
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