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Solutions to Plan, Design, Construct, and Operate Utility Infrastructure

To become a data-driven grid operator, you need a collaborative approach to information sharing. You also need to federate information, currently isolated in disconnected engineering, operations, and IT systems to better support planning, design, operations, and maintenance.

Bentley delivers solutions that work in an open, connected data environment and enable digital twin workflows. With this collaborative environment, trusted information can be used by multiple stakeholders. Information created for one purpose can be used for others, providing the ability to visualize an asset, check its status, perform analysis, and generate insights to predict and optimize behavior. 

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Project information management for utilities

Learn why utilities are Going Digital and using advanced project information management.

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Taking Asset Health Indexing to the Street

On-Demand Webinar: Learn how EPCOR has taken AHI “to the street” by integrating mobile computing, GIS, and APM to enable near real-time assessment of distribution assets.  

Presented by Steven Seewald, EPCOR, and David Crozier, Bentley Systems

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Are you ready for the Renewables Revolution?

  • Modeling the Grid for Streamlined Renewables Integration
OpenUtilities Grid Edge Solutions
PW energy

ProjectWise for Energy Utilities

  • Advance your project delivery and collaboration to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and meet strict industry regulations.
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