• Asset Lifecycle Information Management

    Manage information across the project and asset lifecycle

Asset Lifecycle Information Management Solution

Managing asset lifecycle information bridges the gap during the CAPEX phase of a project through handover into OPEX. Traditional approaches have relied on manual, uncontrolled issues of data and drawings without considering what information should be managed across the lifecycle. 

Bentley's approach to asset lifecycle information management addresses these issues by providing you with an integrated information management environment that improves overall quality, integrity, and relevance of asset data across all project phases.

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  • Capture and manage asset information in the field

    • Capture, analyze, manage, and report on information while working in the field. Improve the quality, usability, and amount of data available to make key decisions while preventing errors and avoiding mistakes.
  • Define and manage asset tags

    • ​Manage asset structures, including product and item baselines, snapshots, and serialized items, as well as persistence and change management of tags and physical items. Easily identify critical information with predefined information types using data and behavior characteristics based on best practices.
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  • Integrate with enterprise systems

    • Become more agile with AssetWise enterprise integration and minimize the need for customized integrations and accelerate integration projects for faster return on investment. With a connected data environment, you can quickly and easily leverage technologies in one shared space. Connect and combine people, processes, systems, and technologies to ensure that the right people have the right processes, resources, and information at the right time.
  • Manage information changes

    • Enable effective change management for assets, documents, organizations, requirements, and other information types. Create relationships between relevant information to identify the impact or effects of change. Monitor the progress of a change request by providing status details for each information asset and trace the lifecycle of changes made with revision history.
  • Manage and control records

    • ​Increase efficiency by accurately managing, controlling, distributing, and archiving all types of documents and records relating to infrastructure assets and ensure delivery of accurate information to operations, maintenance, and engineering.
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  • Manage asset information model

    • Manage the asset information model throughout the infrastructure asset lifecycle. Model information consistently and accurately to improve operational efficiency, minimize business risk, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • AssetWise Linear Analytics

    • AssetWise Linear Analytics
      Improve Rail and Transit Asset Performance
  • Validate and manage data quality

    • Ensure the quality and integrity of data before approval and issue to prevent incorrect data being used on projects. Facilitate integration, manage change, and ensure data quality. Enable scalable, standards-based data quality verification and bulk import functionality to your workgroup, project, or enterprise. Manage change down to the attribute level and perform configurable data integrity analysis. Provide a reliable, consistent data handover environment to agreed data formats.
AssetWise Oil and Gas Brochure
Asset Performance for Oil and Gas

Deliver safe, reliable, compliant, and cost-effective service to all operations

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  • AssetWise ALIM
    Product Summary AssetWise ALIM
    AssetWise ALIM

    Manage asset information and control change throughout the asset lifecycle.

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  • ProjectWise Design Integration
    Product Summary ProjectWise Design Integration
    ProjectWise Design Integration

    Accelerate information worksharing and content reuse for multi-discipline design coordination and collaboration.

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