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Geospatial Software Development Kits

If you need to develop geospatial applications or extend Bentley geospatial capabilities, Bentley offers several customization and development options.

For the professional programmer, the Bentley Map SDK supports customization using Microsoft Visual Studio with C, C++, C#, Visual Basic .NET or any COM-compliant language including Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications.

For VBA developers, the XFM Feature Toolkit object model can be used to develop custom dialogs, placement commands, and event processors. In addition, the CLI (command line interface) can be used to customize common functions.  For data processing and custom spatial analysis, Bentley Map offers a geospatially aware scripting engine. This scripting capability can be used for modifying, analyzing and reporting on Bentley Map data. The scripting language is highly integrated with the data model used by Bentley Map making it easy for casual users to implement customizations. Functionality includes spatial analysis operations, integrated RDMBS support, and topology analysis processing.

Geospatial SDKs
  • Bentley Geo Web Publisher SDK

    • Bentley Geo Web Publisher enables users to easily author and deploy web GIS applications. You can take advantage of these high-performance publishing capabilities to integrate a variety of data sources, and maximize the value of your geospatial information. A range of programming and authoring tools support rapid development of intuitive HTML or Windows client interfaces. To facilitate rapid Web site development, publishers can opt to use an intelligent author that guides choices for layout, colors, display controls, tools, and other interface elements, and gets the site built and running in a matter of minutes. Designed for rapid deployment, Bentley Geo Web Publisher is simple to install and easy to administer.
  • ProjectWise Design Integration (Geospatial Management SDK)

    • ProjectWise SDK is now expanded to include the Geospatial Management SDK, bringing all of the APIs required to leverage geospatial functionality. Drawings, maps, models, images, vendor-specific GIS formatted files, and business documents in their originally intended form can all be related spatially in ProjectWise.
  • gINT API

    • gINT provides centralized data management and reporting for subsurface projects of all types, including geotechnical, geoenvironmental, geophysical, petroleum, mining, and more. The gINT SDK contains an extended object model for advanced customization.
  • WaterObjects.NET SDK

    • WaterObjects.NET gives you complete and programmatic access to Bentley’s water modeling technology, from numerical methods and water modeling capabilities to mapping, data management, and result presentation features. Use WaterObjects.NET to create tailored solutions for your organization's unique requirements, using the same programming tools that Bentley developers use every day to build programs such as WaterCAD.
  • Bentley OpenUtilities Designer SDK

    • Bentley OpenUtilities Designer is a comprehensive design and GIS-based management application for electric, gas, water, and wastewater utility networks. The OpenUtilities Designer SDK provides the APIs and examples to develop complex placement, editing, and other commands to customize workflows to your requirements.
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