• Design and Analytical Modeling

    Developing engineering applications

Design and Analytical Modeling SDKs

Whether you are a CAD administrator, new to programming, or developing professional grade commercial applications, you can benefit from the MicroStation CONNECT Edition feature rich APIs and SDKs. Use this development environment to create and customize professional grade applications for MicroStation and other Bentley applications.

MicroStation’s API is the recommended method to access Bentley DGN files with full fidelity. MicroStation and Bentley application APIs can be used to develop simple utilities, customized commands, or sophisticated commercial applications. In fact, Bentley developers use these same APIs to develop their MicroStation-based applications. MicroStation can also host and interface with a variety of programs and applications written in C, C++, C#, or Visual Basic.

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Discipline specific application
  • Bridge Design and Engineering

    • The RM Bridge TCL API provides an interface to the RM Bridge database. The API is script-based, which allows RM to read and write an ASCII file in this format. Other applications will need their own procedures for accessing or producing this information. A common method is to have an application write an RM model in TCL to facilitate further calculation in RM Bridge.
  • Building Design and Analysis

    • If you are a developer who wants to embed or extend functionality in AECOsim Building Designer, you can leverage the AECOsim Building Designer SDK. This SDK provides resources such as MDL compilers, linkers, and a debugger, as well as header files, an API function reference, and source code examples.. AECOsim Building Designer can also host and interface with a variety of programs and applications written in C, C++, C#, or Visual Basic.
  • Road and Site Design

    • OpenRoads is a versatile and comprehensive solution for the 3D design of civil infrastructure. A unique parametric Corridor Modeler provides a complete environment for visual 3D design of all aspects of the road corridor, and ensures automatic standards conformance as users explore design options. The OpenRoads SDK provides read-only access to the horizontal and vertical geometry and to the terrain model. Any .NET language is supported. Documentation along with examples are provided.
  • Rail Design

    • Bentley Rail Track is a comprehensive 3D rail design software application for preliminary and detailed 3D design of rail infrastructure. The SDK for Bentley Rail Track leverages OpenRoads technology in a .NET environment with documentation and examples.
  • Structural Analysis and Design

    • Bentley’s Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM) framework facilitates sharing of structural engineering project information among independently developed structural applications used for modeling, analysis and design, drafting or detailing. The ISM SDK provides an API, documentation and sample code to allow you to prepare an application to participate in ISM workflows. The ISM API also provides methods for publishing i-models which can be viewed with i-model capable desktop or mobile applications, including the Structural Navigator Mobile app.
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