Thought Leadership, Best Practices, and Onboarding

Bentley Institute partners with industry organizations, design-build firms, and owner-operators to advance project delivery and asset lifecycle best practices through the Digital Advancement Academies.

Digital Advancement Academies ensure the latest knowledge is shared and exchanged with industry, creating a lasting legacy that benefits society. Educating and onboarding owner-operators, contractors, and the supply chain involved in the creation and operation of assets helps ensure all collaborators fully understand the digital processes, standards, and deliverables necessary for successful project outcomes. In this way, Digital Advancement Academies act as catalysts to support and align the people, processes, and technology behind the significant benefits of going digital.

With their process-focused approach, the Digital Advancement Academies allow groups to meet in a neutral space to define desired outcomes—and, crucially, discuss why those outcomes matter. The Academies setting encourages industry leaders to collaborate and share their expertise and experience. As a result, they better understand how to apply and deliver digital processes, with communication that leverages each team member’s contribution, to achieve expected outcomes.

  • Construction

    Construction sessions provide awareness, knowledge, and skill-based training in Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and WorkFace Planning best practices. We help users leverage technology to provide complex simulations and scenario-based learning, developing knowledge and skills that stick with learners long after they leave the classroom. AWP delivers significant benefits through front-end planning and work packaging, combined with the alignment of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction activities and deliverables. After years of analysis and validation, AWP was identified as a best practice by the Construction Industry Institute (CII) in 2015 and is leveraged on projects around the world.

  • Constructioneering (in partnership with Topcon Positioning Group)

    Constructioneering Academy sessions provide opportunities for industry professionals to learn best practices in constructioneering, a process of managing and integrating survey, engineering, and construction data to streamline construction workflows and improve project delivery. Attendees will learn how they can leverage mass data, digital cameras, design models, and automated machine control to optimize digital insights and improve project outcomes.

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  • Digital Advancement

    Digital Advancement sessions follow the principles of Albert Einstein, who taught us to question everything, be curious, and never stop learning. We guide learners through the seven questions of BIM, which outline everything you should take into consideration when mobilizing your Information Management Team, writing your BIM Execution Plan, and developing the Master Information Delivery Plan. These seven questions, and the methodology behind them, are a culmination of six years of the BIM Academy sharing knowledge and collaborating with over 10,000 people—from all over the world and at all different stages of their digital journey. Hear lessons learned from Skanska, Costain, Crossrail, Highways England, COMIT, RSME, BIM4FM, and the UK BIM Alliance.

  • Digital Advancement Research

    Our Research team actively engages with government, university, and industry visionaries to generate innovative solutions for the future needs of the infrastructure industries. We nurture partnerships to lead research initiatives around the world, such as our collaborations with the University of Cambridge, Imperial College, and University College London (including our membership in the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction and the Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation). Learn about some of our recent initiatives and spark ideas about how you can benefit from them, or perhaps become our next partner.

  • Process Industries (in partnership with Siemens)

    Process Industries Academy sessions act as catalysts of change and innovation for digitally-enabled workflows for new or existing assets. We support development of best-practice approaches for project delivery and asset operations, throughout the lifecycle and across all project participants, while respecting the culture and traditions within today’s process industries. Organizations will better understand and develop an effective digital approach to capital project delivery and asset operations, based on the practical experience and knowledge of leading industry experts across all aspects of the asset lifecycle.

  • Reality Modeling

    Reality Modeling sessions help organizations to facilitate the adoption and implementation of reality modeling in their workflows, through awareness sessions, workshops, online content, and a reality modeling professional network. We focus on data capture best practices and leveraging reality data in industry workflows in design, construction, operations, and inspection. Join reality modeling experts as they guide you through best practices and innovations for streamlining the capture-to-consumption workflows to add accurate real-world digital context to your infrastructure projects.