• Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation

    Miaoshan 220kV Secondary Transformer Substation

    Wuhan, Hubei, China

Project Summary

    • Hubei Electric Engineering adopts Bentley's 3D digital design technology to deliver 220kV substation


Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation, Subsidiary of POWERCHINA Limited (HEEC) designed a CNY 172 million indoor secondary transformer substation to meet Year 2030 energy demands in excess of 400,000 kilovolts (kV). The scope of work involved the layout and design of a three-story facility housing, three sets of 240-megavolt ampere transformers, and providing 220kV, 110kV, and 10kV outgoing lines. HEEC’s challenge was to work within the constraints of the dense urban location in Wuhan East Lake High Tech Zone, Hubei province, China.


The substation design required multi-discipline collaboration to avoid clashes within the compact building complex, which comprised two floors above ground, one floor below ground, and an underground cable corridor for numerous cables of various voltages. HEEC adopted Bentley’s 3D digital design solutions for master planning and design across disciplines including physical substation design, electrical, civil, structural, HVAC, and construction. Bentley technology significantly improved design quality and accuracy.


The 3D digital design saved 50 labor days and CNY 50,000 in design costs. Avoiding rework in at least 10 instances during construction saved CNY 2 million. Converting models into 3D PDFs aided communication during construction and saved an additional 15 labor days. The refined layout for dozens of high-voltage cables will help ensure stable substation operations. When completed, this substation will optimize the High Tech Zone’s power grid and provide a reliable power supply for more than 400,000 residents.


HEEC designed the substation and facilitated project collaboration using Bentley Substation, AECOsim Building Designer, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, ProStructures, and ProjectWise. Using ContextCapture for reality modeling of the surrounding buildings rationalized the station location and reduced environmental impacts. As a platform for collaboration, ProjectWise allowed the design team to work in a unified model space, reduce collisions between disciplines, and increase project efficiency.

  • Using Bentley’s reality modeling and design modeling applications, HEEC successfully delivered a complex, multi-discipline indoor substation design meeting the constraints of the surrounding dense urban environment.
  • Imported into AssetWise in i-model format, the digital model captured substation data, technical specifications, and operation and maintenance information to support substation management.
  • Overall, Bentley 3D design solutions saved more than 65 labor days and CNY 2 million in design and construction costs.
  • "Bentley’s digital solution has been fully applied across disciplines and stages of the Miaoshan 220kV Secondary Transformer Substation project, bringing both social and economic benefits. The solution is a significant improvement to design efficiency and quality and provides strong technical support for construction, operation, and maintenance."

    Wang Wei Digital Center Team Leader Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation