• DTK Hydronet Solutions

    Digital Water Network Engineering & Asset Management of Dibrugarh Water Supply Project

    Dibrugarh, Assam, India

Project Summary


A Need for Adequate Water Infrastructure   

Situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Dibrugarh is a major city in Assam, India, and an emerging industrial, educational, and health care center in the region. Despite its riverside location, the town has no centralized potable water supply facility for the 25,391 households, home to 167,733 people. Given the unreliable, inequitable water supply and highly compromised water quality, the government initiated a water infrastructure project to ensure adequate distribution and 24x7 access to clean drinking water. The USD 25 million initiative includes engineering, procurement, and construction of a 220-kilometer integrated water network. DTK Hydronet was hired as the engineering consultant and faced coordination and engineering challenges while working with the contractor and utility, as well as addressing non-revenue water (NRW) concerns.


Digitalizing Conventional Engineering Practices

Hydronet wanted to implement hydraulic modeling and analysis for the entire scheme and develop an integrated asset management platform, which would help them meet the utility’s demands and limit NRW. However, it was impossible for them to work with the utility’s conventional file sharing methods and conduct hydraulic studies within the stipulated time frames. Faced with a missing central data repository, no provision for district metered areas (DMAs), and insufficient, manual utility processes, DTK Hydronet needed to establish an open, connected data environment and digitalize engineering workflows and asset management. This system would help them optimize collaboration, design, and lifecycle operations.


Bentley Applications Provide Integrated Solution

Already familiar with Bentley applications, DTK Hydronet selected ProjectWise and OpenFlows to develop a GIS, cloud-based platform to manage information and perform hydraulic modeling. Using ProjectWise to host the digital asset repository provided a single source of truth of all project data and models accessible to DTK Hydronet, the contractor, and the utility. The platform improved collaboration and issue resolution to keep the project on track. They used OpenFlows WaterGEMS to develop the initial hydraulic model and generate over 100 scenarios to improve the utility and contractor’s project understanding. Using OpenFlows HAMMER, they conducted detailed transient and surge analysis to safeguard the network. They integrated all asset data and models into a comprehensive 3D utility model accessible via mobile and web-based devices.


Digitalization Drives Savings and Sustainability

OpenFlows WaterGEMS alone saved 80% of initial model development time, compared to previous practices. Combined with OpenFlows HAMMER, the applications saved 60% in overall design time and 15% in equipment costs. Working in a connected data environment, DTK Hydronet completed the project in 50 days, 70 days ahead of schedule. By performing digital dynamic pressure management analysis, they demonstrated the effectiveness of DMAs, providing a smart water scheme that will limit NRW to no more than 15%. Using Bentley technology, DTK Hydronet achieved a paradigm shift in digital engineering practices, resulting in improved water asset and risk-based management to ensure a reliable, sustainable water supply system. This project will directly improve the standard of living of approximately 250,000 people until at least 2050.


Project Playbook: OpenFlows HAMMER, OpenFlows WaterGEMS, ProjectWise

  • DTK Hydronet established a connected data environment to deliver a smart water scheme that provides 24x7 direct access to clean drinking water to every household in Dibrugarh.
  • Bentley’s integrated technology facilitated digital engineering workflows that saved 60% in design time and 15% in inventory costs.
  • Using OpenFlows for collaborative hydraulic modeling and analysis enabled DTK Hydronet to complete the entire design 70 days ahead of schedule amid COVID-19 restrictions.
  • "ProjectWise, OpenFlows WaterGEMS, and OpenFlows HAMMER are used extensively to ensure 24x7 supply of equitably distributed pressurized drinking water to the entire town of Dibrugarh for decades to come."

    Devashri Karve Co-founder DTK Hydronet Solutions