• MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited

    400,000 ton/day Water Supply Project of Wenjiang District, Chengdu City

    Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Project Summary

    • MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited – 400,000 ton per day Water Supply Project of Wenjiang District, Chengdu City

Chengdu City in China has recently seen a dramatic population increase due to a recent economic revitalization. As a result, the local water supply capacity could no longer meet the expanded water demand of 400,000 tons per day. To meet this need, the government determined that constructing a large-scale water supply plant was essential. MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited was retained on an engineering, procurement, and construction contract for the Jinqiang Shouan Water Plant. This CNY 350 million water plant includes 23 facilities, and the project required collaboration among engineers from 12 distinct specialties. The Chengdu government wanted to ensure that the new water plant would have the least possible negative impact on the environment due to the nearby Wolong National Nature Reserve and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

MCC implemented a collaborative 3D digital design strategy using Bentley’s building information modeling (BIM) applications to provide a solution for the intricate piping system and pool structure and multidiscipline project team. Bentley’s Connected Data Environment based on ProjectWise enabled collaboration among all team members and facilitated a flow of information among all the design specialties. MCC used OpenBuildings (formerly AECOsim Building Designer) and OpenPlant applications plant and building design software to layout the water facility plant using Bentley’s collaborative 3D model capabilities to design the complex piping system and pool structure. After completing the design, Navigator conducted clash detection, ensuring a streamlined construction process that eliminated rework. The project team also combined BIM technologies with coding techniques, creating a component library that was referenced in all stages of the plant’s lifecycle.

Bentley’s design applications, including OpenPlant and OpenBuildings Designer, contributed to boosting design efficiency by approximately 20 percent and reduced design time by one month. Once the design was completed, MCC used Navigator for model checking and clash detection and LumenRT for cruise simulation. Navigator identified 200 errors, omissions, and collisions. MCC had a zero-collision construction experience by using Navigator in advance. This saved about 7 percent of construction time and 2 percent in project costs due to avoided design and on-site rework. In construction, MCC had no design problems compared to similar projects. As a result, MCC shortened the construction timeline by 40 days. Moreover, Bentley software diminished material use by 8 percent. The Jinqiang Shouan Water Plant has solved the water use problem in the Wenjiang District of Chengdu and has supported the city’s growing development, improved quality of life, and solved water supply shortages in the area.

With such a complicated structure, drawings were difficult to understand, but a 3D model made it simpler for the multidiscipline design team to see all aspects of the plant. For the design process, MCC used OpenBuildings Designer for architecture; OpenPlant Modeler for the pipelines; ProStructures for the steel structure; AutoPIPE for the system diagram; Bentley Raceway and Cable Management for cable laying; Bentley Substation for electric; MicroStation for equipment; Power GEOPAK for terrain; and OpenRoads Designer for road design. Integrating this software within a connected data environment on ProjectWise certified the uniformity and standardization of the 3D model. Navigator’s visualization capabilities were used for design review, and Bentley’s project and asset management applications streamlined workflow processes in design and construction and are continually referenced in the operations and maintenance stages.

Project Playbook: OpenBuildings Designer, AutoPIPE, Bentley Raceway and Cable Management, Navigator, OpenPlant, ProjectWise
  • Bentley’s interoperable modeling applications facilitated integration with coding and factory prefabrication technology to produce accurate bills of material, shorten project duration, and improve quality of deliverables.
  • Using Bentley software reduced the design period by 15 days, the construction period by 15 percent, land use by 12 percent, and material use by 8 percent.
  • Navigator ensured zero clashes during construction, saving approximately 7 percent of construction time and 2 percent in project costs.
  • “The tools provided by Bentley’s ProjectWise enable project participants to work on the same platform, which greatly facilitates the flow and feedback of the project information and ensures the uniqueness of project information, which has an immense effect on project management.”

    He Zhang BIM Project Manager MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited